Movies like gladiator

movies like gladiator

I love fighting movies. His best is most definitely Gladiator. Here are my favorite picks for similar movies just like Gladiator and (THIS IS SPARTA!!!). Keep in. If you like Gladiator I recommend The Patriot, Braveheart, Troy, The Last Samurai, Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World. A list of the best gladiators movies ever made, ranked by movie fans with film trailers List features items like Gladiator and The Seven Magnificent Gladiators. movies like gladiator Scott - Head critic at New York Times. Homecoming Baby Driver Okja Steven Soderbergh Edgar Wright Patty Jenkins New design! In the yearwe find a man who is trying to restore his name and dignity, and save his people, in nba live link addition to Troy movie suggestions. I tried watching Spartacus and it fkn sucked, but I only watched the first episode Rome on the other hand is awesome. I'm learning from people like you. This is one of the best new action movies.

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Try Our FREE App Today. Not only do these ancient epics fictionalise interesting moments in history, they draw interesting actors to carry it off. Not a movie but Game of Thrones is fuarkin amazing. Donnie Yen , Xiaoming Huang , Sammo Kam-Bo Hung , Lynn Hung. Shared themes viewed from a different side of Roman society, with a setting that borders on magic realism.