Dragons eye symbol

dragons eye symbol

Our emblem is that of an ancient European design, the Dragon's Eye. It is a symbol of protection that will grant us succor against the ongoing evil that seeks to. The Dragon's Eye is an ancient Germanic symbol as collected by Rudolf Koch, the Dragon's Eye is an isosceles or equilateral triangle pointing. 3) With THE SWORD (or symbolic representation thereof), etch the DRAGONS EYE symbol onto the ground within the circle. The site is now ready for use. dragons eye symbol Triple triangles are associated with the Goddess and the nine Muses Fox-Moon: Retrieved from " https: The Dragon's Eye is an isosceles or equilateral triangle pointing downward, with a "Y" in the middle connecting the three points of the triangle. May I rest in peace. Alchemical symbol of Transmutation. The Symbolic attributes of The Dragon which it will be necessary to utilize for the CALLING, are listed as follows:. Please review our rules before sharing content.


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