Yin yang symbol tattoo design

yin yang symbol tattoo design

Tattoos are nowadays becoming almost a symbol about a story that is waiting to be told. Tattoos symbolize something about an individual, his personality and. The truth is, there's more to the yin yang design than what first meets the eye. The popular black Cool Forearm Red And Black Mens Tattoo Yin Yang Symbol. fish yinyang tattoo - 50 Mysterious Yin Yang Tattoo Designs symbol is. Yin Yang tattoosalso known as Taijitu, is composed of two sides. Cool Yin Yang Designs Yin being the feminine part and Yang becomes masculine power. Just like our society, the feminine traits are supposed to be complemented and balanced by the male traits, and that is the two sexes have divergent characteristics. Please enter your name . yin yang symbol tattoo design

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Look through the design possibilities and you will be surprised at how many options you have in terms of designs that you can pick from. They remind us that there is no light without darkness, no good without evil. This is a very artistic way of recreating the Yin Yang tattoo and placing characters such as cats in the usual black and white spaces. Please enter your comment! As the universe, so the soul. Whether you are young or old, a yin yang tattoo is best for you since it does not look inappropriate.


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