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ladbrokes youtube

Four TV ads, six poster ads, four video-on-demand (VOD) ads and a video on the Ladbrokes Youtube channel formed part of the "Ladbrokes. In-depth analysis from Kammy & Ally on Ladbrokes In-Play. Get in the game! Subscribe for more great videos. Those betting boys do have their run-ins with the authorities and this Danish World Cup film for Ladbrokes had to pulled from YouTube when.


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They considered that the ad was nevertheless targeted at an adult audience and said it had been accompanied by other videos that showed humorous "behind the scenes" content, none of which contained links to actual bets, offers or promotions. They commented that the scene was fleeting and featured towards the end of the ads as part of a montage showing the various pursuits of the group of friends. The sixth poster showed a group shot of all five characters, some of them holding mobile phones, accompanied by the text "JOIN IN WITH THE NEW APP - SATURDAY AFTERNOON IN YOUR POCKET" and the slogan "This is the Ladbrokes Life". The first TV ad introduced five male characters, each with their own nickname. He nearly made a killing on the first goal-scorer today Please contact us with your news, views and comments.